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Meet Alicia Reygn Pattterson

Looking for audio and video music.  

Hi everybody! This is your artist info. Glad to meet you. 

Submitting to Reygn Tv on Roku and Fire stick

Looking For Music, Podcasts, and Commercials

Format: Mp4 videos,

We cannot except social media files. Must be a stand-alone Mp4 files

What we want from you is to send people to the platform. The magic numbers are 10,000 subscribers and 1000 views. 

The goal is to get BMW and Nike ads on the platform. It’s up to all of us. So send as many people to the platform.

I’m an artist or podcaster how does that help me? As an artist you will get the regular stuff that platforms promise. Exposure Exposure Exposure. Well we offer a little more.

    Let’s talk about money. 


If 10 commercials play in an hour and the station pay out is $200 a commercial. That’s 2000 in that hour. The station takes half. The other half goes to the content creators

As an artist, after we get to those goals, each time your song plays you will split the money with the other artist that plays in that hour. So if the content creator portion is $1000 and say there are 20 artist on that hour, you will get $50. Now Reygn TV is a music station so it will play more than once, Let’s just say you played 3 times that day that’s $150 that day. When we get to that level you will be informed how many times it played. I did tell you it’s a music station. You will also be featured in Reygn TV commercials and will be featured on the VOD playlist of your Genre of music.


Podcasters if you have an hour podcast, the station takes half. That’s a clean $1000. You will also be featured in Reygn TV commercials and will be featured on the genre playlist.



Commercials are $200 on this station. It will never change. Your ads will be incorporated into the shows after we reach the goals. Your commercial will play at least 20 times a month. You will also be featured in Reygn TV commercials and will be featured on the playlist Shop Reygn TV which is located on the top of the channel.

Sales Affiliates

If you would like to make a little money until then, join our sales team. We need local commercials to maintain the station until we meet our goals.

Let’s Go get it together! They say we can’t work together. Let’s prove them wrong!

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