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Children's Film Festival

Welcome to Reygn Tv's Children's Film Festival.

Our children are doing amazing videos with phones. I want to encourage them to learn about video production, directing and producing. There are so many jobs that can be had in this field. I want to ignite a spark in your children's creativity that carries them into adulthood. 

Again, Welcome to Reygn Tv's Children's Film Festival

Best Tik Tok Dance Video- Get those dancing shoes on. And show us your best moves. up to 4 participants in the dance. at least one person has to be 7-12

 3 min limit 

Best Lip Sinc--I wanna see those lips move like a super star! Let's go! up to 3 min limit must be 7-12

Best Scripted short- It's story time. Get those actors together and tell me a story. 15 min limit Actors can be any age

Best Collaborative Effort Awards


Producer, - any age

Camera operator 


Editer - any age

Age Requirements

One of these positions must be done by a child age 7-12

camera Work



What can be done by older children and adults



It is my desire that you fill out the paperwork with your kids. I want them to have the full experience of filling out the paperwork for a film festival. Many movies have gotten picked up from film festivals. As a film maker they will need to know how to fill them out.